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Kurper History

Kurper is a summer fish, being most active in water of above 20 degree celsius, with the “high season” during late summer and into autumn, starting any time from late February and lasting well into April and, depending on the region, even into May. The reason is to be found in the kurper’s late summer, intense feeding pattern. During this time it feeds aggressively to build up reserves for the winter months, with algae, plant material, insects and in the case of mature fish, small fish as well on the menu.

Types of Kurper in South Africa

Blue Kurper 
Cape Kurper 
Rocky Kurper (Highly Endangered) 
Vlei Kurper 
Redbreast Kurper 
Canary Kurper 

Preferred Kurper Baits

The bait when at anchor is either earthworm or brown bread paste, or the bread mixed with maroek, or a combination of both. The ‘Mealie Float’ baits have also proved highly successful. As in carp fishing, an attractor is used on the trace as well. Maroek can be used, but as it does not bind when used on its own, it is mixed with oats, minced mealies or one of the commercially available ground feeds.

 Earth Worms Brown Bread Dough AlgaeLures Maroek

Kurper Venues

Roodeplaat Dam
 Oppikoppi Bass Farm
 GNU Valley Farm
 Vaalkop Dam
 Molatedi Dam

Kurper Specials

Elbe Force ComboOkuma Kurper ComboPink Rose Combo
  Includes Line Elbe Bream Machine 5.6 ft 2 piece spin rod Okuma Cascade 30 Spinning Reel  Includes Line
 R189 R250


Sensation Micro ComboOkuma Competition Spin Combo Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Combo
Okuma Competition 6.6ft  Rod Okuma Competition ReelAbu Garcia Black Max 5.6ft, 2 piece spin rod Abu Garcia Black Max 5 Spinning Reel

Kurper Reels
 Okuma Nitryx Ecooda Black HawkOkuma Ceymar
 Sizes: 30 – 40 Sizes: 1500 – 2000 Okuma Cemar C10
R250 R550 R550
 Shimano SiennaShimano AlivioShimano Sahara
 Sizes: 1000 – 2500 – 4000 Sizes: 1000 – 2500 – 40002500FE
 Instore Special Size 4000 on Sale R349Was R879 Now R650

 Kurper Lines
 Climax Mono Hyper Cast (Made in Germany) Skinny Boss BraidDouble X Line
Great Value 1000m per Spool Recommended for Kurper 5.3lb – 6.6lb – 8lb 10% Discount on all Climax Line for this add onlyGreat Value 300m per Spool 8 Strand Woven Braid Recommended for Kurper 15lb – Diameter 0.12mm 10% Discount on all Skinny Boss Braid Line for this add only Wide Range of Double X line instock.

Kurper Rods
Sensation Bream SupremeSensation Sloppy RodOkuma LRF Rod
Sensation Bream Supreme 5ft Ultra Sensitive TipSensation Sloppy 5.6ft spin rod Ultra Sensitive TipOkuma LRF 6ft, 2 piece spin rod Ultra Sensitive Tip Anti Tangle Guides for better accuracy and distance
Sensation BloodlineOkuma G-ForceSensation Niloticus
Sizes: 6.6ft – 7ft Available in Spinning & CastingSize: 7ft Size: 5ft 1Piece – 5.6ft 2 piece Includes 3 extra tips (3 Sensitivities)
 From R349R139From R399

Kurper Hooks
 Hook Linx 1008bnHook Linx 1053bn Bream 1 HookMustard 92155 Hook
Size 1 – 3 – 7 – 9 Size: 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9Size: 1 – 2 – 4Size: 1 – 2 – 4 – 6
R12 per packR12 per pack R31 per pack R31 per pack

Kurper Basic Tackle
 Floats Swivels Weights
 Full Range of Floaties Instock Full Range of Swivel Instock Full Range of Weights In stock

Kurper Baits
 Earth Worms Springers Maroek BagsSalmo Hornet 2cm & 3cm Lure
+/- 30 worms per cupSmall @ R30 Large @ R90R89 – R99 each
R18Medium @ R70 X – Large @ R120
Size 1 Spinner Size 12 Hook with a Lume Lures Grub
Recommended Brands: Sensation DAM & Mepps

Kurper Caught with Salmo Lures:


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