Crosman Vital Shot 5.5mm Air Rifle


The Crosman Vital Shot Air Rifle – 5.5mm is an excellent precision weapon with a quality that many competitors will envy. The stock and forend are made of high-quality synthetic material, which is more resistant than wood to climatic conditions to which it is insensitive, but at the same time it is easy to care for. The buttstock has a thumbhole, comfortable grip, beautiful ergonomic, non-slip. The domed and high enough cheek piece provides good support, the butt pad is thick and perforated, these two elements guarantee maximum comfort, especially during long shooting. This rifle will delight all shooters, both experienced and novice, who want to have a good and inexpensive rifle. An 11mm dovetail bar is installed at the rear of the scope, allowing the addition of a telescopic sight for even greater accuracy when firing from a long distance.

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