Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife


This Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate FB SE knife comes with a lot of innovations. The high carbon stainless drop point blade has the advantage that the spine continues far in the blade, making it stronger. Also the tip of the blade is centered with the axis of the handle, thus preventing sideways momentum when working with a stabbing motion. the rear part of the cutting edge is serrated for the cutting of rope.

The handle of this Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate FB SE knife has a textured rubber grip and holes in the guard that comes in handy to tie the knife to a stick to use as a spear. The steel pommel can be used for striking and a small emergency whistle is attached to the lanyard hole.

An integrated sharpener in the sturdy sheath helps you to keep the knife sharp on-the-go and the sheath holds a firesteel to make sparks for fire. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate FB SE knife comes with Bear’s Priorities of Survival pocket guide and land to air rescue instructions.

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