Kryston Drop-em Instant Sink Braid Putty ~


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It consists of a special mixture of tungsten and wax that sinks immediately and reliably holds both braided and monofilament lines to the ground.

Unique grip formula and super easy to use. Once fixed, it holds bombproof so that it does not come off by itself. Still, it’s easy to remove or reshape. It can be used as a stiffer for extra long throws. On average, a pack lasts for a full season. Can be used in two ways: concentrated in a kneaded form directly on the line, or evenly distributed over a short part of the rig like a marker pen. Can be used for any rig material and used flexibly for all presentations.

User-friendly, non-toxic.
For the ambitious carp angler!

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Sinks every hook length

Drop ‘Em is essential for anglers who fish with floating rig materials.