Okuma Carbon Cone Concept 6.8ft Bass Rod



If your’re a bass junkie or a redfish angler, the C3 Carbon Cone Concept rod is what you truly need. Once you put it in your hand, it will be something you truly want. The C3 rod was designed with light, yet sensitive, 40 ton graphite and X-fast actions. This rod is great for pulling fish out of heavy cover abd for casting baits a mile. Additionally, the C3 rod is one of the lightest in its class, and its feather like feel allows you to fish it for hours with very little arm and wrist fatigue. What makes this rod different than other rods in the market is the 100% carbon grips that have been lightly sanded, creating a very unique feel. They even feel tacky to the touch when the grips are wet. Okuma was looking to develop a tournament angler’s rod, so quality components are an essential part of this rod series. C3 uses Pac Bay Minima reel seets to reduce weight. Also to reduce weight we used Titanium guide frames with Zirconium inserts and added ALPS low-profile guides on the casting models’ tip section to reduce weight and create better rod action. Pound-for-pound, this is the perfect high-end tournament-fishing rod, and rest assured, it even comes with the Okuma Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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