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Excellent reviews are the norm for the Sensation Spin Edge Backpack we receive from our customers.

This is the ultimate travel companion next to the fishing waters. You will be geared with a Back Pack that is rigged to handle any type of challenge you throw at. Engineered to carry 2 rods at the same time, you will be ready to change your fishing strategy in a matter of seconds.

We don’t boast about the extra features this loyal companion bag offers but we need mention that it will fit your criteria when it comes to 4 adjustable tackle boxes designed to meet your standards in any situation.
The sturdy sunglass compartment is a welcomed feature indeed, as you venture through muddy terrain and don’t want to get your R2000 Oakley’s scratched and dirty. The bag has another trick up its sleeve with a compartment for reels which you can access should you require a different type of fishing setup on the go.

The Sensation Spin Edge Backpack is not for your average joe but is more geared for the Angler on the go.


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