Shimano Curado DC 200XG Baitcaster Reel


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  • Computerized version of the performance favorite
  • Unique “Cast Smart” Digital Control technology
  • System measures spool speed every 1,000th of a second
  • Microcomputer adjusts brake pressure accordingly
  • Prevents backlashes, maximizes casting distance
  • Rigid, durable Hagane body
  • Lightweight CI4+ carbon alloy construction
  • X-Ship pinion support bearing
  • MicroModule gearing
  • 6+1 bearing system
  • S-ARB shielded stainless steel anti-rust ball bearings
  • I-DC4 digital control brake system
  • Smooth, dependable Cross Carbon Drag
Weight2 kg
Dimensions13 × 9 × 15 cm

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The Curado DC is a technically advanced low profile baitcasting reel that features Shimano’s exclusive Digital Control braking system (i-DC4) to automatically control the speed of the spool rotation during casting.

The Curado DC is a great addition to one of Shimano’s most popular baitcasting reels and has the benefit of Digital Control, which uses a micro computer to control the speed of the spool rotation during your cast. And when fishing, you’ll appreciate how solid the Curado DC feels and how comfortably it fits into your palm. Available in a standard 150 size and also a larger 200 size, with different retrieve speed options, the Curado DC is one of the best investments you can make if you are looking to upgrade to the latest baitcasting reel technology.

If you have never experienced Shimano Digital Control technology, you really should. Easily adjusted by an external dial, you can set the reel in a totally free mode or one of three different settings – 1 for braid or mono, 2 for fluoro and 3 for more difficult casting situations like into a strong wind. Once set, the micro computer makes nano-second adjustments to the spool speed during the cast preventing backlash, maximising casting performance and leaving you to concentrate on your fishing with more enjoyment. But there’s so much more to the Curado DC than the Digital Control.

The Hagane Body is lightweight, rock solid, and fits naturally into your hand. The combination of Micro Module Gear and X-Ship delivers the smoothness and power you feel when using the reel and the Cross Carbon Drag ensures you are always in control of hard fighting fish. Finally, the S3D spool lets the Digital Control perform to its maximum efficiency by reducing spool wobble when spinning. If you want to move your fishing enjoyment and ability up to the next level, the Curado DC is for you.