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It is used to stiffen braided leaders so that they do not get tangled when casting. Similar to PVA, the No Tangle Gel dissolves as soon as it comes into contact with water. So soft leaders become what they should be again: flexible fishing machines! It is odorless and tasteless. Carp anglers who have to or want to do without boats and / or bait boats are thus able to get their assemblies to the spots without getting tangled, even without PVA. Another advantage is that rigs made of braided leader material sink straight to the ground and only “soften” there. This effect enables clean bait presentations.

If you’re one of those anglers who has difficulty knotting and tying braided leaders because of the rough skin on your hands, No Tangle will be a grateful tool for you on top of that. Just put a little bit of the gel on the braided leader material and it will tie and knot very well in no time. No Tangle provides a fine coating that will immediately cure the leader material. So you will no longer have any problems with roughened fibers that were damaged by the rough skin when they were tied.

On braided leaders

No Tangle can also be used to stiffen extremely soft braided leaders to avoid tangles. Leader materials with slightly larger diameters such as 25lb Silkworm, 25lb Super Nova and 25lb Merlin are even easier to work with with No Tangle, as they contain a higher number of fibers. The thicker and more pliable the material, the stiffer it will become with the No Tangle Gel.

  1. Put a small amount of the gel on your index finger and place the leader material between your thumb and index finger to work it in evenly.
  2. Dry your thumb and forefinger with a towel as soon as the leader is evenly covered with the gel.
  3. Now pull the leader back through your thumb and forefinger and apply a little more pressure on the material to remove excess gel.
  4. Then leave the gel on for 3-4 minutes.

The fibers of the soft braided leader material are concentrated in a concentrated manner by the gel. This effect turns any sleek rig into a stick. Tip: Prepare your rigs with No Tangle before your next fishing session. If you land a fish or need to re-cast it, you can simply use one of the other rigs that have already been prepared. If you want to work on rigs that have already been used with No Tangle again, you should make sure that the material is in a dry state, otherwise the gel cannot take effect.

  • 30ml bottle
  • Processing of up to 100 leaders!
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Anti Tangle Gel

No Tangle is a water-soluble gel made according to a special formula.