Kryston Merlin Sinking Super Braid ~


The traditional braid is still in great demand among ambitious carp anglers. It is not only the record fish on the island that owe their catch to this reliable leader material, the reported catches from mainland Europe have not decreased either. A popular leader material with tens of thousands of followers who appreciate the reliability and natural behavior underwater.

Powerful Dyneema fibers have been interwoven with High Tenacity polyester to form a robust and extremely supple leader material that is ideally suited for many fishing situations – even with heavy weed and in obstacle-rich waters.

It is easy to knot, whether with grinner knots, palomar knots or no knots. This covers a huge range of modern and traditional rigs. Either tied continuously from the swivel to the hook or in combination with stiff monomaterials as a combination link. For those of you who have discovered the benefits of extra long and soft hair, Merlin will do its job reliably. It is literally one of the most flexible materials on the market.

The Kryston Merlin is sinking and perfectly balanced, so that various rig variations with optimal camouflage are possible. The combination of the small diameter, excellent knot strength and high abrasion resistance makes it a first-class universal leader material that should not be missing in any tackle box.


25lb, 35lb


Green, Dark, Brown

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Sinking camouflage web

Merlin is certainly a household name for most carp anglers. Since it appeared on tackle dealers’ shelves in 1992, it has been continuously optimized.