Stun Gun Pistol Type with 3 Cart


This Stun Gun shoots electrodes up to 15 feet that penetrates the skin and thick clothing to deliver a disabling voltage to the attacker. Stun gun devices override the central nervous system for the most effective take-down power available today.

Simply load a cartridge onto the end of the Stun Gun and turn on when necessary.

When ready to shoot just simply push the ‘fire’ button and 2 Steel pins with wires connected to your gun shoot out up to 15 feet and will penetrate up to almost 1centermeter.

Hold the button down to “Stun” your attacker.

Cartridges can be shot once and then must be disposed of. Kit includes 3 cartridges. Once cartridge is fired, the actual gun can double up as a normal shocker on its own.

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